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A Guide to Renting the Perfect Property While Saving Money

Renting out a property can cost a lot of money. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t save money as you do it. In fact, many people rent out properties while saving a deposit for a mortgage, in the hopes that they’ll soon be able to afford their dream home. You don’t

have to rent out a slum to do this, you can rent out a property you really like! It’s quite simple when you know what to do. Take a look and see:


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Make Sure Your Landlord Has Protected Your Deposit

If your landlord hasn’t protected your deposit, there will be a lot of hassle for all involved. Many people don’t even know if there’s is protected, which is a big error. It is the law for your landlord to place your deposit in a protection scheme. If they don’t, they may be ordered to pay you a fine 3 times that amount. If your deposit is in a scheme, you should get the full amount back when you move out providing you’ve stuck to the terms of your contract.

Get Your Deposit Back When You Move

It’s all well and good having a protected deposit, but you should at least try to get it back too! A property letting consultant in Moseley would tell you to read back your agreement to see if there’s anything specific you need to do before you leave. Fix any damage, and make sure nothing is broken. Take photos as proof that it is in good condition.

Change Your Bill Providers

Even if you rent a property, you are usually entitled to change who your bill providers are. You could save lots of money by doing your research and comparing prices. Don’t just stick with the previous tenants providers! Your landlord shouldn’t stop you from switching in an unreasonable way, as it could be considered unfair in a tenancy agreement.

Eat In

Everybody likes to eat out every now and again, but it’s very expensive too. Instead of eating out all the time, do it bi weekly or once a month. It’ll be much more special to you this way, and you’ll save a load of money. You may also find that you lose weight!

Track Your Expenses

Do you know where all of your money is going? If not, it’s time to track your expenses. This will help you see where all of your money is going, and hopefully encourage you to cut back in certain areas.

Sell Old Stuff

There are loads of different ways you can sell your old stuff. You could do it online, or even go along to a car boot sale and see how much money you can make! It’s a lot of fun, and you should end up with a nice wedge of money once you’re done.

Have Roommates

If you’re really feeling the pinch, a roommate or two can make it a lot easier.

Try these tips and you should have enough of a deposit for a house in no time!

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