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Four tips to launching a successful business

Taking the step of starting your own business is a big decision. With the renewed confidence in the British Economy, now could be a good time to set up that dream business

The launch of a business with a great product or service is one thing, making it successful is another.  Here’s a checklist to help your business plan and strategy.


Planning does eat into any entrepreneur time, but it is essential. Without a planner you won’t be able to organise your time and could see it slip away. If you are planning a launch, then get your event listed with the Chambers of Commerce; they are in most towns and are a useful source. If it’s an online launch, find your PR angle and how you’ll speak with your clients and customers.


Small business start up loans could help you to purchase the essential equipment necessities such as printers, laptops, iphone, accountant and more. Look at your cash flow and work out if the repayments can be met and how in time the layout will bring back in revenue. Invest for success.

How to network?

For most people, networking is the key to business to get your people out there and find those essential leads.  Arrange face-to-face meetings; maybe in your local coffee shop with the often free Wi Fi services.  Always keep hold of the receipts to help your tax returns later on. Find a good fit for the service of product you are offering by joining trades bodies, or if you’re working from home why not join the many home-working organisations such as Jelly.  A lot can be done online with social marketing as well as other online resources. The Chambers of Commerce in your local town or city can be a good source of new clients; it will involve a little outlay but could end up in sealing the deal.

Sales sales sales 

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. If you’re new to sales, seek help from a friend, relative, or a mentor or coach.  While solid leads are great, ending in a sale equals cash and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Conversion into sales is a big win and results in a big smile and confidence boost.


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