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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by Falcon


Have Fun in the Evenings without Spending a Fortune

If your leisure time is costing you more money than you can afford then it might be time to find a different way of doing things.

The first step to take in cutting costs in this way is to head home straight from work instead of being tempted by shops, restaurants and bars. What you do once you get there will depend upon your own personal taste but here are a few ideas.

Play Some Online Games

A modern alternative to traditional board games is to be found online. Here, you can play the likes of bingo, roulette, blackjack, slots games and arcade games whenever you like. A site such as will give you a big selection to choose from and will also give you the chance to place a few wagers and see if you can win some money. Online wagering is growing in popularity, largely thanks to the fact that there are plenty of games when you can enjoy hours of fun without spending hardly anything.

Try a Few Recipes

Cooking works out to be a really inexpensive hobby in the long run, because everything you make is going to be eaten. In fact, you could end up spending a lot less on food once you start to make it yourself. Many people who would like to try their hand at cooking don’t do so because they feel that they don’t have enough time for it. However, you could start off by looking for quick and easy recipes online, some of which don’t take much longer than the time needed to heat up a supermarket meal or wait for a fast food delivery to arrive.

Discover the Magic of Board Games

Playing board games sounds like a bit of an old-fashioned pursuit these days, doesn’t it? Having said that, there are some very good reasons why these games have been so popular for so many years. The likes of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit are brilliant for families but can also help couples enjoy quiet, cheap evenings in. You could even use these games as the basis of a night in with a group of friends without spending too much on it. Give it a try once and you could end up liking it a lot more than you had expected to do.

Write A Letter or Two

Another classic way of passing some time is to write a letter to a friend or relative. When was the last time you did this? If you have a loved one you don’t see all the time then you could consider writing them a nice letter rather than just sending them an email. They are sure to enjoy receiving this and it might even be the start of a richer and deeper relationship than you have previously had with them. If you don’t have anyone to write to then you could look online for a penpal to open correspondence with. They could end up becoming a very good friend and the hobby will give you hours of free fun in the evenings.

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