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How to Plan Your Wedding Budget

If you have recently become engaged, you may already be starting to worry about how you are going to finance your wedding. Long gone are the days when the father of the bride stumped up a big sum of cash. Even longer gone are the days when that cash on its own would have stretched to the kind of dream weddings most of us have in mind! As we are tending to get married a little later in life, there are many other factors affecting how we create our wedding budget.

It is usual for both the bride and groom to have spent some time living together, or at least independently of their parents before marriage. This means that the cost of living is already high and is leaving little for a wedding savings pot. If you have both bought properties, you may raise some money by selling one of them, but if you plan to buy a family house, this may eat into the sale funds a lot. Instead, you are going to have to be frugal and save carefully for the next few months to cover the cost of your wedding.

Wedding dresses can be hugely expensive, but they can be rented very cheaply. You can also save money by buying artificial flowers instead of utilizing an expensive florist. Savings like these can be made throughout your wedding plan, but it is up to you where you make the sacrifices. Wedding invitations can be produced from free templates online at places like You can also choose a cheaper buffet spread rather than a sit-down meal.


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One of the most important cost factors of your wedding is the number of people you invite. Fewer people mean you can choose a smaller and much cheaper venue, and the cost per head will decrease. The biggest costs will be catering a sit-down meal and hiring the reception venue. Next will be the flowers, photographer and the dress. Then your next biggest cost will be hiring the ceremony venue and celebrant. To begin to budget for these, you will have to visit some of your choices of venue personally, and see what price brackets they fall into.

It is possible to work to a set budget. Weddings can be beautiful on just two or three thousand pounds. They can also be big, bold and lavish on twenty to thirty thousand pounds. The area you choose to marry in will also affect the cost of the venue and ceremony. It is possible to just legally marry for under £180. This assumes little or transport costs and utilising a dress you already own. This will effectively be a small civil ceremony at your local civic office. As this event is just one day of your lives, it may be unwise to get into debt to marry with an extravagant wedding. However, this will be the most important day of your lives so far, and you undoubtedly want to make it memorable and beautiful in your photos. The most important thing to remember is that this beautiful day is the one you became a married couple.

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