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Published on April 15th, 2015 | by richard


How to Save Money as a Driver Every Day

As we know all too well,  running a car is a very expensive business. If you actually sat down to look at how much you spend on your car each month, you’d probably be tempted never to get behind the wheel again. There are plenty of ways in which you can make running your car a little cheaper though.

A lot of people who don’t have a fanatical interest in cars tend to ignore some of the things that could make driving easier and cheaper for them. If you ask me, it’s about time we changed all that! Here are some essential tips to help you save money as a driver.

Keep Your Car in Peak Condition

If you want to get the most out of your car and avoid those constant niggling problems your car faces, the answer is to make sure you’re treating your it right. There are things you can do every day to make sure your car is in good shape.

The way you store it can be incredibly important. If you park your car on the road, consider making space in the garage and parking it there. If it’s on the street, it’s more likely to be hit by other cars or falling tree branches. Also, do the little things like changing the oil and oil filter regularly.

Make Sure You’re Driving the Right Car

The type of car you drive will have a big impact on how much you end up spending on it. If you have a car with bad fuel economy that’s liable to break down all the time, you might want to consider a change.

Hybrids, like those sold by Inchcape Lexus, and electric cars cost a lot less to run than ordinary fuel cars. Do the sums and add up the costs, it might cost you less in the long-term to buy a new car.


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Don’t Drive With Extra Weight

The more weight your car is carrying, the more fuel it will take to make it move. This is a simple fact. So, do everything you can to cut down on the weight of your car.

If you still have a bike rack attached from that holiday last summer, take it off, because it’s costing you money. If you play sports or have heavy work equipment, don’t carry them in the car unless you have to.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is something that often gets neglected by a lot of people. It’s an easy thing to forget, but you must get it right, and top it up regularly.

Having the right tyre pressure will mean that your car is a lot safer and a lot more efficient to run. If you’re trying to drive on half-flat tyres, you’ll be using up a lot more fuel.

Walk When Walking is an Option

One simple way to save money on fuel is to not drive. Yes, I know we all have to drive our cars sometimes. But ask yourself if you really need to drive it round the corner to the shop. It’ll be a lot better for the environment, your health and your wallet if you walk.

Don’t make the mistake of spending more on your car than you need to. It’s costly enough to run a car as it is!


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