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RL360° Paragon: a flexible long-term saving solution

Building up wealth could help you to enjoy a good quality of life in retirement and enable you to cover any future expenses. But in order to achieve your financial goals, you will need to choose suitable saving solutions. One investment plan that is well worth considering is Paragon by RL360°.

A longer-term solution

Paragon isn’t aimed at those who are looking for short-term results from their investments. Instead, this regular savings policy is intended for people who are keen to save over the long term. Its bonus structure means that it tends to offer the best results after around 10 years. This makes the product ideal for investors who are eager to save for their retirement. Unlike pensions, Paragon allows you to pay in as much as you want to, giving you much greater flexibility. Also, it has no benefit reviews and you can make withdrawals at any time once the initial allocation period has come to an end. In addition, you are not obliged to purchase an annuity at the end of your premium term.

Important features

This product is issued as a life assurance policy and it is available on a joint or single ownership basis. You can choose to set up your policy in euro, pound sterling or United States dollars and it is possible to start saving with as little as USD200 per month. You have the option of increasing this sum later on.

Paragon allows you to take your pick from over 120 funds from some of the world’s best fund managers and there are no initial fund charges. Also, because RL360° doesn’t charge for changing funds, you can switch between themes and sectors as often as you wish. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to take a premium holiday if your circumstances change and you want to have a break from saving. It’s also worth noting that the product permits you to pay in lump sums and make withdrawals.

Getting started

Before you start saving with Paragon, it’s crucial that you speak to a financial adviser. These experts will be able to give you all the information and guidance you need to make confident investment decisions. RL360° only accepts business introduced through financial advisers, so this is a must if you want to use the product.

As well as Paragon, RL360° offers a range of other investment solutions. The company continues to expand and, in November last year, it completed its acquisition of Clerical Medical International Insurance Company from Lloyds Banking Group. The move created a business with over GBP7 billion in assets under management.

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