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That’s Where Your Money Goes


The expenditure can be so different and vary in money equivalent, including extra coffee at lunch to a restaurant bill once a week, when you simply don’t want to cook at home. To deal with such extra spending you need to determine your weak points at first.

Of course, people have some spending weaknesses. In some cases they even have to check fast payday loans review to choose an appropriate financial assistance. But you need to control such situations and use such financial service just in case of unplanned expenses, but not on regular basis.

So, to make your budget more stable and your expenses within your means, you should learn the following money leaks to have a possibility to avoid them.


When you don’t plan how to get to a place, you always use cabs. Instead, you should leave earlier for your appointment to have enough time for walking or using public transport. Also these people who always drive cars, spend much more money. To decrease this type of expenses you can try riding a bike, moreover this will be good for your health.

Brand Items

Most people tend to follow famous brands believing that the quality of their products is much higher. Unfortunately, this is not a rule, and you can easily find a product with the same list of ingredients. You need to understand that buying brand products, you are paying a great percent of a price for the name, so it doesn’t mean the product is the best among the others.

Cable TV

Just try to remember how many channels you have and when the last time when you watched them was. The main problem is that you simply have no time to spend so much in front of TV screen. Instead you can make any entertainments outside, spending time with family, saving money and improving your health.

Impulse Buy

Even if you have a shopping list and you are determined not to buy anything else, you might be delighted with something sweet staying in a queue. The problem is that it’s really difficult to avoid such purchases, so you should try to make your shopping as quickly as possible. Also visit only these departments that you need not to see all the other products. In some cases it may help when you sum up all the extra spending during a month and see this significant amount of money.

Wasted Electricity and Gas

You might even not pay attention how much money you pay for your utilities. It’s not a surprise, as you don’t have any experience and don’t know how much money you can save. In order not to leave the heat out, check your windows and doors for air leaks and seal up any cracks you can find.

Expensive Hobbies

When you have free time and want to spend it with benefit, don’t find some extravagant and pricey hobby. There are a lot of examples, when people buy all necessary equipment, spend only month training and then just lose interest. In such situation it’s better to sell all the expensive equipment to return invested money and also free your house from all this stuff. It’s also recommended to find a hobby that doesn’t require so much spending for the beginning to see if it really fits you.

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