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Published on October 9th, 2014 | by richard


Top Tips for Cutting Costs and Making Your Money Stretch a Little Further

Autumn is now well and truly upon us, and winter is just around the corner. We’ve once again reached that time of year when the daily cost of living is likely to be at its highest, and there are several explanations for this. When it’s cold outside, we’re far more likely to jump in the car to get to places that we would have walked to during the warmer summer months. Then there are heating bills to consider. Energy bills can be very expensive, and it’s surprising just how much heating your home can end up costing.

We’re also more prone to catching cough and colds at this time of year. Cough syrup and nasal sprays don’t come cheaply, and you may also be forced to take unpaid time off from work. All of these extra costs soon add up. Then, before you know it, you’re almost completely skint and wondering how on earth you’re going to make it through to Christmas. Well, we here at Finance Falcon understand just how important it is that you make savings wherever you can, however small those savings might be. So, we’re going to show you some simple ways that you can cut your daily costs.

Pack a Lunch

If you always buy your lunch from the cafeteria at work, or from a fast-food outlet down the road, you probably aren’t aware of just how much you are spending. Opting to take a packed lunch of sandwiches, and a piece of fruit instead is guaranteed to make a significant difference to how much you spend on a daily basis. Plus, it’s far healthier for you than eating fat-filled convenience food every day. Even if you choose to take a packed lunch with you to work just a couple of times a week, this one small change will still make a substantial difference.

Use Public Transport

People complain about public transport, but it can actually be a hell of a lot cheaper than driving to and from work every day. Petrol doesn’t come cheaply. Plus, if you live in a built-up area where you’re constantly stopping and starting on the commute to work, this isn’t good for the car’s engine. So, you may find that a minor convenience ends up costing you a small fortune in the long-term. Day tickets are one of the most cost-effective options for those who do shift-work or have irregular working hours. If you’re working a standard 9-5 job, then a season travel pass might be your better option.

Compare Everything

The cost of rent, energy and petrol is fluctuating all the time, so it’s important that you keep track of any changes to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. One way of keeping track of rental prices is by checking the estate agents in your local area. So, if you’re Suffolk-based, pop down to the letting agents in Newmarket to check that you’re not paying over the odds in rent costs.

So, take our advice and learn to save a few pennies wherever you can, and you’ll soon find that those pennies start turning into pounds.


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