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Unsung Heroes – Ergonomic Chairs

When you work in an office, there is one thing you probably do more than anything else – sit.   With that in mind, another unsung hero I have chosen in relation to the latest Hiscox advert is the ergonomic chair.  Ergonomics may not be a new thing particularly, but over the last couple of decades the technology and engineering has really come on leaps and bounds.

With new legislations and rules being introduced, it was obvious that modern businesses had to think in a modern way and look after their workforce in a modern way.  The health, well-being and safety of any workforce are important, as they are the ones who help to make money for the company.  Therefore, in an office if you are not comfortable or sitting at an inappropriate angle or position you could do yourself an injury.

That is why the ergonomic chair is an unsung hero of the office environment.  As well as ensuring that employees are able to sit comfortably, with good posture and protected from strains, pains and serious injuries; they are also far more motivated.  If you are constantly having to fidget and move in your chair until you find the “sweet spot”, you are not going to have as productive a day compared to if you had a chair that you just say down in and were instantly comfortable.

If you work in an office with ergonomic chairs you are less likely to need to have days off sick, which obviously affects in a positive way the productivity of the workplace.  Even if you do not particularly enjoy your work, having a comfortable and supportive chair can make the experience a much more tolerable one.  When staff is comfortable and feel looked after, they will be happier and want to do the best for the company.


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