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What You Should Know About Suing a Solicitor On Grounds of Professional Negligence

The reason you hire a solicitor in the first place is so that they can use their expertise to represent you and help you through whatever legal circumstances you happen to be involved in.  However, there may be times where the service they offer you does not meet your expectations.  If this happens to you, suing a solicitor for negligence by hiring a Redress Law professional negligence expert might be something worth considering.


Solicitors are there to provide services to individuals and groups of people who need expert and in-depth legal advice on anything from drafting a will to evaluating the details of an important business deal.  While the majority of the time, solicitors will provide you with high quality advice and services, when they don’t errors occur and deadlines may be missed meaning you might be able to claim professional negligence against them.

As well as costing you money and time, a solicitor’s negligent actions can cause you additional problems.  You are eligible and legally allowed to make professional negligence claims against solicitors if their actions cost you financial losses.

Things That Often Go Wrong When Hiring a Solicitor

The following is a selection of common complaints that can lead to people filing professional negligence claims against solicitors.

Not Giving Building Regulation and Planning Permission Advice or Information

Solicitors are often used by people who need help regarding the legal issues associated with building, renovating or purchasing property.  If they have not conducted enough research into things like planning permission, building covenants and other regulations it may be possible to file negligence claims against them.

Mistakes Made When Drafting Business Contracts or Wills

When mistakes are made drafting business contracts or wills, it is possible for professional negligence claims to be made.  When wills and contracts are not properly drawn up it can cause serious headaches and financial problems for individuals and companies involved.

Suing the Wrong Company or Individual

Even if it sounds far-fetched, it still happens that for various reasons solicitors have been known to take legal action against the wrong company or individual.  This usually happens in cases involving compensation claims against companies because employees or individuals suffered from asbestos related diseases; because the particular company may have split off into different legal entities or may have changed hands since the incidents in question.

When They Settle On a Personal Injury Compensation Claim for Less than its Value

The duty of a solicitor when they are representing a client filing a claim for personal injury compensation is to provide them with the most current and accurate information about the value of that claim.  However, it is sometimes the case that the advice they give their clients undervalues the claim, or they make errors during when negotiating the claim that results in the solicitor accepting and settling for a lower amount of compensation than they should have.  When this happens, there are legal grounds for the claimant filing a professional negligence claim against that particular solicitor.

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